Dear Clients, Business Associates and Friends,

In order  to collaborate with the prevention measures against the spreading of the Covid-19 virus, while at the same time both preserving the health and safety of our community and continuing to provide our clients with the services they need, we inform below  the additional measures taken by our firm for the next 15 days, or until the threat of the virus is reassessed:

  • our teams will work remotely, with a minimum in-office presence at all times;
  • meetings will be held by phone or other electronic means. Face-to-face meetings will only be held in urgent situations;
  • travel and attendance to events will be limited to those essential for the rendering of services;
  • phone calls will be forwarded to be answered by firm professionals.

Costa Tavares Paes Advogados is prepared to provide services to its clients and operate normally during this exceptional period. Our IT systems allow our professionals to work remotely, assisting our clients in an efficient and safe manner. Thus, we remain available to answer our clients’ needs.

With the cooperation of everyone, we are sure that all difficulties will be overcome and that soon we will all return to a sense of normality in our activities.

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