Antonio Tavares Paes Jr.


Member of the Global Cyber Institute – GCI.

Lawyer recommended by the Latin Lawyer Latin American Corporate Counsel Association (LACCA). Latin Lawyer, Legal 500, Chambers and Thought Leaders 2018.

Worked with the Brazilian Reinsurance Institute Legal Department – (IRB), Rio de Janeiro, 1981-1982; Worked at the Jose Thomaz Nabuco Law Firm, Rio de Janeiro, 1982-1986; Attorney at Fox & Horan LLP, New York, 1987-1988; Attorney at White & Case LLP, New York, 1988-1990; Attorney at The Law Offices of SG Archibald, Paris, 1990-1991; Vice-President of The Chase Manhattan Bank N.A. (Project Finance /Latin America Corporate Finance), New York, 1991-1994; Senior Vice-President at Scudder Kemper Investments, Inc., New York, 1994-2000 (Asset Manager); Outside General Counsel at TeleNova Communications, Inc., Miami, 2000-2002; Partner at Flecha de Lima & Tavares Paes Advogados, Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo/Brasília, 2000-2008; Partner at Wald Associated Lawyers, Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo/Brasília, 2008-2010 and is a partner at Denton Tavares Paes LLC – Attorneys-at-Law, New York.

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TAVARES PAES JÚNIOR, Antonio. Brazil’s debt to equity swap program. The International Lawyer, v. 23, n. 2, p. 533-547, 1989. Disponível em: <>.

Co-author of the chapter on Brazil of the publication “Dispute Resolution Review”, by Law Business Research.

Co-author of the chapter on Brazil of the publication “ICLG International Arbitration 2016/7/8/9”, by Global Legal Group.

“e-Discovery and the Arbitration Rules of the International Chamber of Commerce –ICC” – publication by Thompson-Reuters (EUA), 2011 and 2014, coupled with various “webinars” on the theme.

“GOING WITH THE FLOW – What to Expect From Latin America This Year” published in the December 1999/January 2000 issue of Trade & Forfaiting Review, London, England

“NOTICE TO THE UNWARY: TRAPS IN CROSS-BORDER PROJECT FINANCING”, published in the August 1993 issue of the Edison Times, a review of power supply and regulation published by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) of Washington, D.C.

TAVARES PAES JÚNIOR, Antonio. Fundamentals of Project Financing In Latin America. Project Finance in Latin America (A Latin Finance Special Projects Supplement), p. 30-32, 1993.

Co-authored the article “DEBT TO EQUITY CONVERSIONS: BRASIL’S EXPERIENCE SO FAR” published in the June 28, 1989 issue of the New York Law Journal.

TAVARES PAES JÚNIOR, Antonio. Brazil’s debt to equity swap program. The International Lawyer (Section of International Law and Practice of the American Bar Association),vol. 23, n. 2, p. 533-547, 1989.

Co-autor da coletânea “O DIREITO” dois volumes de estudo de alguns campos das Leis Brasileiras publicado pelo Senado Federal Brasileiro em 1985.

  • Graduate degree (MBA) in corporate finance from Chase Manhattan Bank (1992)
  • LLM in corporate law from Columbia University School of Law (1987)
  • Bachelor of Law (LLB) from Rio de Janeiro State University (1985)
  • Languages: portuguese, english, france and spanish.
Awards and achievements
  • Latin American Corporate: Counsel Association (LACCA): • Corporate; • Litigation; • Thought Leader.
  • Latin Lawyer
  • Latin 250
  • Chambers
  • Legal 500
  • Análise Advocacia 500


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1. Arbitration Agreements 1.1 What, if any, are the legal requirements of an arbitration agreement under the laws of your jurisdiction? The Brazilian Arbitration Law (Federal Law No. 9.307/1996 – “BAL”) distinguishes two different types of arbitration agreement depending on whether the dispute has already arisen or not: the submission agreement and the arbitration clause. […]

Dispute resolution framework

I INTRODUCTION TO DISPUTE RESOLUTION FRAMEWORK In Brazil, the inspiration from Europe and the prestige of the 19th century’s constitutionalist theories have developed into the codification of law, providing for general principles and rules. The Brazilian legal system follows the tradition of civil law, and has also been impacted by a common law influence, with […]

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On the next November 11th, the provisions brought by Law No. 13467/17 shall become effective. Commonly known as “Labor Reform Law”, it has made some important changes to the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT), and one of its major innovations is the possibility of inclusion of arbitration clause in employment agreements upon acceptance of both […]

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Agility, confidentiality, specialization, adaptability and internationality: these characteristics are frequently found in arbitration procedures, and they help to explain why this dispute resolution method has become so popular. However, the full use of these advantages depends on the choices made by the parties throughout the arbitration procedure, starting from the arbitration clause provided in the […]