Advising and monitoring the participation of our clients in bidding procedures. Our services include the analysis of bidding public notices, the analysis and preparation of documents, drafting and negotiation of consortium agreements, and the incorporation of specific purpose entities.
Advising, structuring, preparing, negotiating and analyzing contracts and agreements related to business activities in general, such as purchase and sale of assets, commercial representation, services, guarantees, distribution, financing, loans, intellectual property, the use and transfer of technology and brands.
Advising on modeling operations for Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).
Preparation of legal instruments related to infrastructure transactions, corporate transactions, formation of consortium and EPC contracts, global enterprise (turn key) for construction of SHP, HPPs and TPPs, granting of guarantees, and ancillary instruments relevant to the operations.

Advising clients in the mining sector, in connection with the sale of mining assets, the structuring of financing arrangements used in the acquisition of assets and the financing of the process of iron ore mining (2nd degree).
Advising clients in the oil and gas sector in the areas of research, exploration, production, refining, and the transportation of oil and natural gas.
Moreover, the firm advises its clients in all phases involved in national and international engineering projects, such as construction agreements (including EPCs) and projects related to construction funding, joint ventures, technology supply and licensing agreements, O&M and project management agreements, claim management and resolution of litigations in general. Our professionals advise clients on contractual guarantees, construction insurance, performance bonds and matters related to structuring, implementing and operating dispute boards in connection with EPCs’ structure.


Arbitration in civil construction

Data released from the biggest arbitration chambers show that civil construction and infrastructure are among the main themes discussed in arbitration procedures. In the Business Arbitration Chamber – Brazil (Camarb), for instance, at least 40% of the demands it manages are related to civil construction and energy.