Labor and Trade Union

Highly qualified professionals, with broad experience in business consultancy, acting in the defense of the interests of the clients, focused on their needs in the scope of trade union, in administrative and judicial litigations, as well as in preventive labor consultancy; extensive integration with other areas of the office, especially in cases of due diligence in mergers and acquisitions and taxes.

In the scope of Trade Union, we act broadly in the monitoring of the negotiation, especially in the following activities: execution of collective bargaining agreements and collective labor agreements; set up and change of trade union classification; adaptation of collective conditions in corporate restructuring procedures (consolidation, spin-off, merger, transfer); strike (administrative and judicial).

In the context of Administrative and Judicial Litigations, special interest in cases identified as strategic cases, as well as in those that may have a considerable financial impact on the client. Our main activities are: defense in Labor Claims (individual and collective), including those of an accident and indemnity nature; defense in the scope of the Labor Prosecution Office (preparatory procedure, civil inquiry and public civil action); defense within the Ministry of Labor and Employment (drawing up of notice of violation, individual and collective administrative complaint.

In the scope of Labor Consultancy we emphasize the adoption of best practices in light of current legislation. Our main activities are as follows: implementation and review of the structure of positions and salaries; implementation and revision of payroll parameterization; Incentive plans (bonuses, gratuities, stock option, profit sharing plans); due diligence; Occupational Health and Safety programs; management of expatriate workers (Brazilian or foreign); hiring foreigners; hiring and compensation of executives; preparation and review of internal policies – Internal Business Regulations; outsourcing (contracting procedure and contract management); implementation and change of work schemes; labor audit (business policies, benefits, payroll, medicine and occupational safety); labor restructuring in cases of mergers and acquisitions, closure of business or establishment; programs of collective or voluntary dismissal; timely guidance to daily doubts submitted by the client; corporate training.


Labor litigation

On the next November 11th, the provisions brought by Law No. 13467/17 shall become effective. Commonly known as “Labor Reform Law”, it has made some important changes to the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT), and one of its major innovations is the possibility of inclusion of arbitration clause in employment agreements upon acceptance of both […]