Advice and consultancy services for the acquisition of real estate assets (Landbank), including preparation and the review of contracts for purchases and sales, barter, physical and financial, and payment in kind. Advice in the exploration of real estate assets through the preparation and review of contracts for commercialization of standalone units or lots, surface rights, commercial leases, built-to-suit contracts, real estate development, property management, real estate development, subdivisions, shopping center, logistics centers, and industrial condominiums, as well as management contracts and work contracts, through in the PMG, global, or administration models. Conducting contract audits (due diligence) for real estate assets and other entities operating in the sector. Advisory and consultancy services for the structuring of real estate securitization involving CCI, CRI, and CCB, as well as on the constitution and issuance of shares of real estate investment fund (REIT), FDIC, and FIP.

Advisory and consultancy services on the structuring and issuance of LCI and LH. Advice and consultancy on various types of financing transactions for real estate projects. Advice and consultancy on the analysis and creation of real estate collateral rights, with special focus on fiduciary transference, liens, mortgages, antichresis and rights of usage, such as usufruct, use, and easements. Representation of clients in lawsuits relating to real estate matters, such as lease renewal, or actions related to revisions, possession, blockage of new construction, compulsory adjudication, adverse possession, as well as judicial or extrajudicial enforcement of collateral.